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Australia’s Top Residential Architecture 2019

Here in Australia we are lucky to have many examples of remarkable residential architecture, highlighted through the year in a variety of awards shows. However, there are still a lot of wonderfully interesting projects that can fly under the radar. Here is a list of some of the most original houses of 2019. The Bank, […]

It’s ‘extraordinary’: our best house is a farm shed

A 110m-long structure that looks like a giant shed but inside contains a home, gardens, animals, crops and an event space has taken out Australia’s top residential ­architecture award. Hobart-based architect Timothy Hill designed the building for Ronnen Goren and Trace Streeter in Daylesford, northwest of Melbourne, and it took a decade to complete. Goren […]

The Tiniest Houses In The World

Tiny houses have become a trend lately and now it is seen to be architectural and modern to own one of these miniature dwellings.  We have listed some people who took this tiny house trend to the extreme! See the seven smallest houses in the world below. The Matchbox House, Washington DC, USA The artist […]

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