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Rain damage on hay and how to avoid it

How to avoid rain damage on hay La Nina conditions Currently in Australia La Nina is in full swing. Across many states we are experiencing heavy rainfall and stormy weather. Increased rainfall and cloud in the western Pacific is meaning there is an above average spring rainfall, particularly in the east and north. La Nina […]

Australian agricultural trade through COVID-19 and beyond

The latest insights into Australian agricultural trade The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) has provided a report containing the latest information regarding our agriculture exports confirming that they have continued strong through COVID-19 despite disruptions to supply chains and logistics. The report is called ‘Analysis of Australian agricultural trade and […]

Tips for a profitable lambing season

Why are lamb losses so high and how to reduce them Winter is drawing to a close, however it is still cold across a large portion of Australia and lambing season is well underway. With so many risks in lambing emphasized by the colder weather, lamb mortality is unfortunately high for a lot of Australian […]

Profitability of Yard Covers

Why Should You Own a Yard Cover? Yard Covers are a valuable asset for stock owners, not only making it easier to work with cattle but also improves the animal’s welfare. If you are weighing up the pros and cons of building a yard cover over your cattle yards keep reading, we will give you […]

Future proof your harvest with bulk grain storage

Store & ignore (well until you are ready) Let’s talk the humble bulk grain storage shed. At Central, we’re all about creating great spaces that enhance lives, in this case flexibility. Storing your precious grain until the market works in your favour, can significantly affect your profitability. In the know. We cover a wide range […]

Taxation Benefits for Farmers this Financial Year

Due to the current dry conditions that have adversely affected rural communities across the country, our government have provided taxation measures to help farmers. Below we have simplified some of the taxation benefits currently available for this financial year for farmers. Instant Asset Write-off  In April 2019 it was announced that the instant asset write-off […]

Central Steel Build at Henty Field Days 2019

Located in the heart of the nation’s food bowl in southern NSW, Henty Machinery Field Days is an agribusiness supermarket attracting more than 60,000 visitors each year. Henty Machinery Field Days is now regarded as southern Australia’s single biggest agricultural event, showcasing the latest in machinery and farm equipment, outdoors and camping products, farm produce, […]

Tips For A Profitable Hay Season

Most of Victoria and some of New South Wales are seeing a very good season this winter, however unfortunately in other areas of New South Wales and South Queensland the drought rages on not giving the farmers much of a chance this winter. If you are thinking of making hay and wondering whether what is […]

Common Foods That Grow In Surprising Ways

Pineapples It is a common belief that pineapples grow on trees, however this plant is in fact a herbaceous perennial. It has soft leaves and no steam resembling that of a palm. The pineapple is of the same family as air plants. The fruit only grows after the plant is old enough to flower, which […]

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