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Revolutionising the typical Australian farm dam

Australian eco-wonderland dam An Australian farmer in Wyangala Central West New South Wales has transformed their farm dam to from a fallow Australian farm watercourse into an ecological wonderland. Trudi Refshauge describes the dam originally being a ‘moonscape’ with hardly any flora or fauna activity, however it is now flourishing, providing refuge for birds, reptiles […]

Australian agriculture benefits from bees

Why are honeybees so important for agriculture? Australian agriculture has been benefiting freely from honeybees for nearly 200 years. The bee’s pollination services are worth several billion dollars per year, but the Australian honeybee is increasingly becoming under threat from a range of different sources over time. Losing the buzz In many parts of the […]

Great harvest underway in NSW

Perfect harvest conditions along east coast After difficult times of drought, bushfire and production price corrections, Australian farmers are finally seeing a break with a magnificent harvest. Southern New South Wales Headers are continuing to march south, advancing into central New South Wales with only a few late crops to be harvested north of the […]

Why It Pays To Bank On Agriculture In A Drought

For many Australian farmers, seasonal conditions are currently worse than the bad years of the Millennium drought, however despite the hardship the farm sector is generally coping with the challenges far better than a decade ago.In fact, agribusiness bankers feel most producers will probably emerge from the current big dry with a lot of valuable management […]

5 Australian Inventions That Revolutionised Agriculture

There is a good reason why most Australian’s have a real connection with farming, because so much of our vast and beautiful country is rural. Aussies have in fact made significant changes in the history of agriculture worldwide with these five inventions listed below. Grain Stripper In 1843 a South Australian farmer John Ridley developed […]

Cost to Build Hay Shed in Victoria

Costs involved with building hay sheds all come down to exactly what kind of shed you need. Each property is different. For an exact price, get a quote within 24 hours, or for an estimate, take a look at the ranges below: Small – Medium Hay Sheds COST: $10,000* – $40,000* This includes sheds that […]

The Stockman’s Hall of Fame, Longreach

One our most exciting buildings of the last couple of years has been the new rodeo cover for the Stockman’s Hall of Fame. It’s been a great privilege to work on what has been a fantastic project for an excellent organisation. From the foundations through to the finishing touches, we could not be happier with […]

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