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Which hangar doors are right for you?

Different hanger door ideas Every aviation hangar project is different and needs to be designed according to your specific needs. Our aviation building specialists can work with you to design a hangar around your aircraft and exact location. There is a lot of different elements that go into designing your perfect hangar, one of them […]

Changes and incentives in Australian aviation

Things looking up for the aviation industry The year of 2020 was difficult for all of Australia but none more so than the aviation and travel industries who were severely impacted by border closures and travel restrictions. As state and federal governments gain control over spread of the virus, we have begun to adjust to […]

Australia’s first woman to get a pilot’s licence

Who was the first female pilot in Australia? Many people assume that the first woman to fly rose up in the 1930s, linking the accomplishment to famous names like Amelia Earhart, Chubbie Miller and Nancy Bird Walton. Before these ladies entered aviation, another woman opened the way to the skies – Millicent Maude Bryant. She […]

How old is too old? You’re never too old to fly

Never too old to be an aviator In our ever advancing developed world the population is experiencing longer life expectancies and better ways to live. As some light aircraft are becoming increasingly affordable, a lot of enthusiastic aviators in the upper age group are taking up general, recreational and sport aviation. Older student pilots usually […]

The Australian aviation industry in 2021

What to look forward to in Australian aviation this year In 2020, the Australian aviation market suffered major restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we embark on a new year with COVID-19 still present, forecasts for Australian aviation are difficult to determine. However, resilience to unexpected changes in the industry are manifesting and things […]

Most wonderful holiday destinations in Australia

Beautiful Australian holiday locations This Christmas Aussies don’t have the option of flitting across to Fiji for a white sand, palm tree holiday or to Europe for a white Christmas, however we can visit beautiful places within our own country. Thankfully most states will be allowed to travel to one another over the Christmas period, […]

24 incredible aircraft designs that were never used

Amazing unused aircraft designs Throughout the years aviation has evolved dramatically due to no lack of trial, error and innovation. Here are some widely unknown designs of aircrafts that have been developed but either never came to be, can’t be built yet or do not have any particular use in society.  NASA AD-1 Built in […]

Wellbeing of the aviation industry

Mental health importance for aviators The present global pandemic is directly affecting the aviation industry, as flying is designed to connect people while COVID-19 recommendations and restrictions disconnect people to reduce the spread of the virus. It is easy to be discouraged by the crisis, however looking on the positive side there are some valuable […]

Qantas retires Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet

Farwell to Qantas’s first jumbo jet Just this month Qantas announced that the last of the well-loved Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet will be retired. This announcement has slipped quietly into the news, being overshadowed by COVID-19. The iconic aircraft, having served Qantas for nearly 50 years got a send off with three joy flights over […]

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