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What size should my hangar be?

What do I need to consider for my hangar layout? The design and construction of your own private hangar is a sizable project and one you want to get right. Custom building a hangar allows you to best optimise the entire shed space for your needs, reaping the very best return on investment. To avoid […]

Which hangar doors are right for you?

Different hanger door ideas Every aviation hangar project is different and needs to be designed according to your specific needs. Our aviation building specialists can work with you to design a hangar around your aircraft and exact location. There is a lot of different elements that go into designing your perfect hangar, one of them […]

Changes and incentives in Australian aviation

Things looking up for the aviation industry The year of 2020 was difficult for all of Australia but none more so than the aviation and travel industries who were severely impacted by border closures and travel restrictions. As state and federal governments gain control over spread of the virus, we have begun to adjust to […]

How old is too old? You’re never too old to fly

Never too old to be an aviator In our ever advancing developed world the population is experiencing longer life expectancies and better ways to live. As some light aircraft are becoming increasingly affordable, a lot of enthusiastic aviators in the upper age group are taking up general, recreational and sport aviation. Older student pilots usually […]

Tips for building an aircraft hangar

9 things to remember when building an aircraft hangar Every pilot and aviation enthusiast has their reasons for wanting to build an aircraft hangar, but one thing in common is that this investment if built right will significantly enhance your lifestyle as an aviator. The main benefits of having a private hangar are: Avoid weathering […]

The Future Of Aviation

In this current day and age there seems to be endless possibilities in technical advance. Aviation is obviously a very interesting subject to consider what might happen in the future. Ideas of flying cars and self flying jets suddenly aren’t as crazy as they were thought to be 5 years ago. See below some definite […]

9 Unique Aviation Facts

Whether your an airline pilot, a person with a passion for private flying or someone with an interest in aviation you will love these interesting facts about flying.   1. Airline Meals Often it seems as if the Airlines never seem to get sufficient flavour into their meals no matter who you are flying with […]

The Worlds Best Places To Fly Over

Seeing the world from above is a beautiful thing to experience, and is probably one of the highest thrills of flying. If you love to fly make sure you put these places down on your bucket list to see from birds eye view. Bondi Beach Exuma, Bahamas Wyadup Bay, WA Mojave Desert, USA Little Boat […]

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