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2020 Sustainability Awards winners

Sustainability Architecture Awards 2020 The famed Sustainability Awards are an independently judged event to turn the spotlight on the best architecture in Australia annually. Each year the competition sees ever growing engagement, assessing submissions from start-ups and global brands by the same, carefully considered criteria. Below we have outlined some of the amazing projects that […]

5 Lessons from Great Architects for Your Project

Words of wisdom from famous architects   Louis Kahn “The sun never knew how great it was, until it hit the side of a building” When designing the plan of your building it is important to remember that natural light is one of the best and most generous resources. It should be used to the […]

Greener Australian Homes Standards

Upgraded requirements for Green Star certification Building architecturally for sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor in custom homes in Australia. On 5th August 2020 Green Star released new requirements for houses to receive the rating in a draft Green Star Homes Standard for consultation. These new standards are working towards a transformation in residential […]

10 Offices of the Famous and Successful

  Al Gore, with an enormous pile of documents covering his desk. The desk of Albert Einstein, who famously suggested that an empty desk reflected a blank mind. Painter Jackson Pollock in his workspace. Barack Obama in his community office before entering politics. Martin Luther King Jr in an office full of books. Chef & […]

Ten of the Most Impressive Public Buildings in the World

1. The Beehive, New Zealand. The executive wing of the New Zealand government are housed in this impressive building, which echoes Aztec towers and Roman colosseums. 2. The National Museum of African American History. Three stories of this confronting building are above ground – another three are below ground. The dark, rusty exterior echo the […]

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