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The benefits of building a steel-framed house

Why you should build a custom portal framed house  2021 has proved an extraordinary year for the Australian construction industry. As we forge on through these unusual times, travel has been somewhat restricted so many of us are putting any extra cash into property investment. The increase in demand for housing has resulted in a […]

Innovative, eco-friendly homes in Australia

World Environment Day on 5 June was a great reminder that this is our moment to act. We can’t turn back time, but we can look toward a greener future. To continue the conversation, we thought it would be a good time to show appreciation toward some amazing Australian homeowners and designers who are breaking […]

Abstracted terrace in Fitzroy North

Workers cottage converted into modern dwelling In a quaint terrace lined street in Fitzroy North Melbourne, stands a modernised dwelling developed by Rob Kennon Architects. The house maintains the heritage of the workers cottage front, while developing into an  open planned home shaped by two verdant garden courtyards. The house-front plays on a Victorian terrace […]

Australia’s first sustainable 10-star home

The first 10-star home in Australia In Woodforde Adelaide East, Australia’s first 10 star rated home has been designed and built by SUHO Studio, has set a benchmark for future housing design in the country. Latest technology to increase efficiency The house features the first Australian installation of the ABB-free@home a piece of home automation technology […]

Australian practices in World Architecture top 100

Top Australian architecture firms Five of Australia’s finest architecture firms have featured in the 2021 World Architecture top 100 rankings released by the UK magazine Building Design. These new rankings highlight the way architecture has performed through the challenges that coronavirus added to 2020. Check out the five impressive Australian design firms below. Bates Smart […]

Upside Down House, Habitus House of the Year

2020 Habitus House of the Year award winner Beginning in 2018, Habitus House of the Year (HHOTY) is a prestigious award that recognises amazing residential architecture and design within the Indo Pacific Region. The winners are picked from the best architecture completed in the last 18 months. The Upside Down Akubra House located in Nundle […]

5 Lessons from Great Architects for Your Project

Words of wisdom from famous architects   Louis Kahn “The sun never knew how great it was, until it hit the side of a building” When designing the plan of your building it is important to remember that natural light is one of the best and most generous resources. It should be used to the […]

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