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How exercise impacts student learning

The benefits of exercise for school children Coming into winter the weather is getting cooler, the days shorter and the mist and rain is moving in. When the seasons change it becomes more difficult for students to exercise at school safely due to unfavourable conditions outside. It is easy for school children to be deprived […]

The best sport and play surfaces for schools

Australian sport and play surfaces Most Australian schools have some form of play or sports surface, whether it is synthetic or organic. No matter what the surface is made of or used for, there are certain things to consider from a maintenance and purchasing position. Surfacing standards School play surfaces tend to be either bark, […]

Educational shade structures to prevent sunburn

Keeping students safe from the sun It’s not surprising that one in three Australians develop some form of skin cancer before the age of 70. Living in a sunburnt country, we need to take extra precautions to ensure we keep ourselves protected from the sun’s scorching rays. Getting burnt as a child even once or […]

How to design educational buildings to help students learn

How building design’s affect how kids learn It is not uncommon for construction companies to brush over the planning stage of a building without considering it’s purpose and how the design will affect that purpose. School aged children are particularly susceptible to their performance and mood being influenced by their surroundings. From experience in the […]

Keeping fit through COVID-19

How to stay healthy in the middle of the pandemic Avoid falling into unhealthy habits during current COVID restrictions by applying a healthy outlook and keeping active. Don’t forget your mental health is just as important as your physical well being. The benefits of exercise Physical, mental and social well being are all interlinked, making […]

Guide To Starting A Gym Facility

What could be better than owning your own gym? have the best job of being a personal trainer and get to workout when you want, the way you want, with the awesome equipment you chose! If you are a bit of a fitness buff that would love to open your own gym here is a […]

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