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Construction Playing a Major Role in COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a worldwide recession, shaping the economic landscape into a new horizon. The government has put strategies in place to build up the economy with the construction predicted to play a large part in the economic recovery from the recession. Victoria’s state premier, Daniel Andrews has supported a construction  blitz which […]

What do your dreams of horses represent?

Dreaming of Horses and Their Meanings So many of us, especially those who love horses find that we dream of them often. Women statistically dream of horses more than men and a horse in a dream is generally a positive symbol of either power, endurance or freedom. Have you ever wondered what your dreams of […]

Uber Drone Trials in Melbourne

It seems crazy to think of it and far to futuristic, however in 2023 Melbourne will be one of the first three cities globally to host the launch of trialing commercial passenger drone technology. This amazing new idea will be called ‘Uber Air’. The progressive approach of our Australian government in recognising the benefits of […]

Australia’s Best Sporting Moments of 2019 in Photos

We have finished two decades in the 2000’s already and if feels crazy how fast they have gone. 2019 was no exception and was an exciting and interesting year for every sport in Australia. Here are some of the best sporting moments of the year captured in images. Serena Williams has a quiet moment during […]

10 Business Trends to Watch out for in 2020

Every year commercial business trends change and shape what organisations will succeed in the new year and what ones will fail. Keeping up to date with business trends and what the public is after at the moment can help ensure a good start to 2020 financially. Here we have listed things that will be most […]

Top Trends For Airports & Aviation in 2020

Airports are now a very important connecting feature of our society. The more high-tech and passenger friendly they become, the more likely they are to positively impact on local societies and economies. In this insight we have identified a list of trends that will be seen in 2020 for airports and aviation. Robotics Robots have […]

It’s ‘extraordinary’: our best house is a farm shed

A 110m-long structure that looks like a giant shed but inside contains a home, gardens, animals, crops and an event space has taken out Australia’s top residential ­architecture award. Hobart-based architect Timothy Hill designed the building for Ronnen Goren and Trace Streeter in Daylesford, northwest of Melbourne, and it took a decade to complete. Goren […]

Why It Pays To Bank On Agriculture In A Drought

For many Australian farmers, seasonal conditions are currently worse than the bad years of the Millennium drought, however despite the hardship the farm sector is generally coping with the challenges far better than a decade ago.In fact, agribusiness bankers feel most producers will probably emerge from the current big dry with a lot of valuable management […]

Five Stunning Prefabricated Homes

Top prefab homes in Australia Modular and prefabricated homes are becoming more popular as modern architecture is turning towards these solutions for minimalist design styles. These five prefabricated homes are visual proof that such designs of homes can be just as exciting and aesthetically pleasing as a traditional build. Clydesdale House by Archiblox This house […]

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