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Equine tips for managing mud this winter

Managing mud Winter is upon us and with that come the challenges of owning a horse in the cold, wet weather including dealing with mud. We know that keeping your horses and property mud free isn’t an easy task, but it is important. Check out the top ten mud tips to help you this winter. […]

Revolutionising the typical Australian farm dam

Australian eco-wonderland dam An Australian farmer in Wyangala Central West New South Wales has transformed their farm dam to from a fallow Australian farm watercourse into an ecological wonderland. Trudi Refshauge describes the dam originally being a ‘moonscape’ with hardly any flora or fauna activity, however it is now flourishing, providing refuge for birds, reptiles […]

Innovative, eco-friendly homes in Australia

World Environment Day on 5 June was a great reminder that this is our moment to act. We can’t turn back time, but we can look toward a greener future. To continue the conversation, we thought it would be a good time to show appreciation toward some amazing Australian homeowners and designers who are breaking […]

All about Topline Syndrome in horses

What is Topline Syndrome? A horse’s topline refers to the muscles that support the spine from neck to hindquarters. The topline is an important factor in performance, and how the animal looks and feels. Unfortunately awareness of Topline Syndrome is limited and often those who know about it are confused with conflicting information on how […]

How exercise impacts student learning

The benefits of exercise for school children Coming into winter the weather is getting cooler, the days shorter and the mist and rain is moving in. When the seasons change it becomes more difficult for students to exercise at school safely due to unfavourable conditions outside. It is easy for school children to be deprived […]

Construction leading the Asia Pacific COVID-19 recovery

Australian and New Zealand construction firms leading recession recovery In these surprising and turbulent times, the construction industry has shown incredible resistance to unforeseen challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent survey by design and construction provider Autodesk confirms that construction companies throughout Australia and New Zealand are leading their counterparts elsewhere in the Asia […]

Australian agriculture benefits from bees

Why are honeybees so important for agriculture? Australian agriculture has been benefiting freely from honeybees for nearly 200 years. The bee’s pollination services are worth several billion dollars per year, but the Australian honeybee is increasingly becoming under threat from a range of different sources over time. Losing the buzz In many parts of the […]

Changes and incentives in Australian aviation

Things looking up for the aviation industry The year of 2020 was difficult for all of Australia but none more so than the aviation and travel industries who were severely impacted by border closures and travel restrictions. As state and federal governments gain control over spread of the virus, we have begun to adjust to […]

Abstracted terrace in Fitzroy North

Workers cottage converted into modern dwelling In a quaint terrace lined street in Fitzroy North Melbourne, stands a modernised dwelling developed by Rob Kennon Architects. The house maintains the heritage of the workers cottage front, while developing into an  open planned home shaped by two verdant garden courtyards. The house-front plays on a Victorian terrace […]

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