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Ball Court Cover at St Monica’s Catholic Primary School, Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo

Tucked away in the corner of St Monica’s Primary School in Kangaroo Flat is a big, impressive ball court arena. The arena covers a bright basketball court – an excellently installed, impressive project. Take a look at the photos below. Read more: COST TO BUILD BALL COURT COVER

Our Covered-Over Learning Areas

Over our years of operations we’ve built a wide variety of different school buildings & covered over learning areas. Take a look at some photos from our past projects below:  

How much does it cost to build a ball court cover?

How much does it cost to build a ball court cover? Ball court covers are great community investments; allowing people to play and exercise year-round. But how much would it cost to build a court cover? Exact figures differ (you can get an exact quote in 48 hours here), but below is an estimate of […]

Ten of the most beautiful university buildings in the world

1. FPT University, Vietnam. An incredible building that is as much plant as it is stone, this university almost looks like it’s been taken over by trees. The balconies are designed to give light to plants which will eventually grow into the building. 2. Sydney University Business School. Designed by the controversial architect Frank Gehry, this […]

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