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Shed Designs to Live In

We’ve built quite a few sheds designed to be lived in – from Daylesford to Mt Buffalo, there are people living in our buildings across Australia. They can, in fact, look fantastic – offering a great-looking alternative to traditional home construction. Take a look at some of our habitable dwelling builds below:

Custom buildings with steel frames

Some of the most amazing & impressive projects we’ve been involved with have been custom buildings for habitable dwellings. These are the projects where the client has worked with an architect to design their ideal building and then come to us to help engineer and build the steel frame. These projects are always stunning – […]

Custom Barn, Hesket

Some of the most impressive & interesting projects we work on are the custom jobs. When a client knows exactly what they want – and we work with their ideas, there can be some incredible results. This barn frame we put up in Hesket is a great example of one of those projects. The complexity […]

7 of the most secluded houses and structures in the world

1. Bishop Rock This light house is so far from shore that visitors often stayed the night and a caretaker would have lived there permanently. The light house began construction in 1847 but was swept away by the ocean before it could be completed. It was reconstructed and completed in 1858. 2. Paro Taktsang A […]

Architect-Designed Steel Frames

I’m building. Can you build a steel frame to my architect’s designs? Absolutely. We’re very happy to work with your architect and with you to produce the best possible steel building we can. Our previous projects built with architect-involvement have been excellent, and have resulted in unique, durable buildings that we’re very proud of. Can […]

Ten of the most beautiful university buildings in the world

1. FPT University, Vietnam. An incredible building that is as much plant as it is stone, this university almost looks like it’s been taken over by trees. The balconies are designed to give light to plants which will eventually grow into the building. 2. Sydney University Business School. Designed by the controversial architect Frank Gehry, this […]

Le Corbusier’s 10 Most Important Buildings

1. Notre Dame du Haut. A bold, twisted interpretation of Church architecture, this building takes grandeur in an entirely unexpected directly. Despite the unconventional appearance, there’s something very religious about the building’s solidity and the way it stretches towards the heavens. 2. The Palace of Assembly. A legislative assembly, this building is Corbusier’s greatest example […]

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