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20 things no horse owner should have in their stables

Things to throw out next stable spring-clean Keeping the stables sparkling clean is always a challenge, things just seem to build up and mess can quickly accumulate. Here is a list of 20 things you should never have in your stable and tack rooms if you want to enjoy a tidy area. Torn and broken […]

How to cool off horses most effectively

Horse cooling recommended by FEI Horses overall have evolved to cope with the cold far better than they do with the heat. Even while resting, high temperatures can easily result in heat stroke which requires immediate veterinary attention. Wild horses have the ability to protect themselves from extreme weather by moving to places that offer […]

Horse and owner hot weather riding tips

Finally summer is here and horses owners can enjoy the warm weather riding outside. However, living in a sunburnt country means summer days can be extreme in heat. It is extremely important to take care of yourself and your horses in hot weather to make sure you both stay cool and safe. Here are a […]

Free Horse Arena Surface Guide

Equinabuild arena surface guide Once you’ve built yourself an arena, it can be difficult to know exactly how to lay your surface. It is important to remember that getting an optimal arena footing is vital for your horses’ safety and performance. Here is a guide that goes over the different characteristics and aspects for the […]

How much does it cost to build an indoor riding arena?

How much does it cost to build an indoor riding arena? Every job is unique, and the best way to answer this question is to get a quote. Below we will give you estimates based on a roof-only indoor arena structure including installation and footings. Before any other work able to go ahead earthworks need […]

Worming your horse for Spring

Should I worm my horse this Spring? Most of us won’t believe it (because of the crazy weather we have been experiencing), but Spring is just around the corner. And that means warmer weather and longer days, the perfect weather for parasite larvae to thrive. There are so many options on the market theses days […]

Dressage Arena Measurements

Dressage arena sizes can vary depending on the expenditure you wish to invest in an arena however the standard olympic sized dressage arena is 60m x 20m. Small dressage arenas follow a 40m x 20m size. With each arena design, the dressage letters change accordingly. No matter how you ride, arena letters are useful. If […]

Five Biggest Mistakes When Building a Horse Arena

How to build an indoor arena the right way Building an indoor horse arena is costly and making mistakes in the process can be painfully expensive. Undergoing the process to building an indoor arena is an exciting project for every equestrian and a major investment. Getting things right in the earliest planning stages will save […]

What do your dreams of horses represent?

Dreaming of Horses and Their Meanings So many of us, especially those who love horses find that we dream of them often. Women statistically dream of horses more than men and a horse in a dream is generally a positive symbol of either power, endurance or freedom. Have you ever wondered what your dreams of […]

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