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Dressage Arena Measurements

Dressage arena sizes can vary depending on the expenditure you wish to invest in an arena however the standard olympic sized dressage arena is 60m x 20m. Small dressage arenas follow a 40m x 20m size. With each arena design, the dressage letters change accordingly. No matter how you ride, arena letters are useful. If […]

Five Biggest Mistakes When Building a Horse Arena

How to build an indoor arena the right way Building an indoor horse arena is costly and making mistakes in the process can be painfully expensive. Undergoing the process to building an indoor arena is an exciting project for every equestrian and a major investment. Getting things right in the earliest planning stages will save […]

What do your dreams of horses represent?

Dreaming of Horses and Their Meanings So many of us, especially those who love horses find that we dream of them often. Women statistically dream of horses more than men and a horse in a dream is generally a positive symbol of either power, endurance or freedom. Have you ever wondered what your dreams of […]

Horse Training Boredom Busters

We are all feeling the pain of the current lockdown due to COVID-19. Being stuck at home most of the time gets monotonous and tedious for you and your horse. Due to the pandemic all equestrian events have been closed and life for a competing rider isn’t very eventful. However, you can use this time […]

Beautiful Stable Complex in Balhannah, SA

Balhannah is a scenic town in the Adelaide Hills about 30km southeast of Adelaide. The established in 1839 Balhannah is an idyllic  location for an equestrian property. Central Steel Build was privileged to be part of a stable complex project for Adelaide Hills Stables located in Balhannah, SA. The 21 x 48m stable complex is […]

Ways To Keep Your Horse Cool in Summer

Here in Australia most parts of the country undergo scorching temperatures that animals can suffer from if they are unable to cope with the heat. Horses can become unwell if they are not cared for appropriately in hot weather. We have made a list of tips to help keep your horse healthy and happy throughout […]

Cold Weather Horse Care

Winter is upon us once more and its just as freezing, dark and gloomy as ever. Although our winter conditions aren’t as harsh as some other countries here in Australia it can still get pretty cold! Your horse needs to be looked after appropriately through the colder months and so do you so we compiled […]

15 Extraordinary and Incredible Facts About Horses

Horses have been a noble and loyal friend to mankind since roughly 4000 B.C. We share a special connection with these animals that nothing else could replace. Here is 15 strange and amazing facts about these beautiful creatures. Horse Hooves are made from the same kind of protein that your hair and fingernails consist of. […]

Easy Ways To Improve Your Dressage Performance & Score

Dressage is a sport that requires correct attention to detail, with every move being perfect. However as we all know a perfect score is practically impossible, but improving your current score is not. Here are a few simple tricks to keep in mind when in the arena that will boost your performance on show.   […]

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