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Caring for your horse through winter

Top tips for winter horse care Caring for horses is a big job all year-round but in winter there are extra considerations to keep horses happy and healthy. Of course, all the usual horse care practices continue to apply but these tips focus on giving the best horse care through colder months. Let your horse […]

Equine tips for managing mud this winter

Managing mud Winter is upon us and with that come the challenges of owning a horse in the cold, wet weather including dealing with mud. We know that keeping your horses and property mud free isn’t an easy task, but it is important. Check out the top eight mud tips to help you this winter. […]

How the seasons can affect our horses

How do the seasons affect horses in Australia? The change of the seasons can affect our horses in ways other than what we as horse owner’s know and or notice. Due to the difference of weather, grazing conditions alter considerably across different times of the year. This results in large changes in grazing horses grass […]

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