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16 Horses Too Beautiful to Believe

At EquinaBuild, most of the horse we see blow us away. But these incredible equestrians are truly unforgettable. Take a look below:

8 More Genius Horse Ideas, Tips and Hacks

Powder-White Socks Put baby powder onto your horses white patches to make them stand out even more. For a longer lasting effect, run some hair gel through the hair first to make the powder stick. Watch Tack in Your Dish Washer Non-leather tack only can be washed in the top drawing of the dish washer. This […]

The 10 Best Dressage Horses and Riders Ever

10. Juan Manuel Munoz & his horse Fuego de Cardenas   9. Laura Tomlinson-Bechtolsheimer & her horse Rosalie B   8. Kristina Bröring-Sprehe & her horse Desperados   7. Adelinde Cornelissen & her horse Parzival   6. Anky van Grunsven & her horse Bonfire 5. Carl Hester & his horse Wanadoo 4. Isabell Werth & […]

10 of the Happiest Horses you have ever seen

We all love seeing a happy horse – it has an amazing ability to cheer you up and put a spring into your step. So here’s a collection of 8 very happy, very smiley horses:

10 Tips to Help You Focus When Riding

All horse riding disciplines require one thing more than any other; focus. From the moment your step into the arena, you’ll be thrown into an intense period of high focus. So what can you do to make sure you maintain that focus and don’t get distracted? Here are 10 great tips: 1. Meditate beforehand. If […]

10 Amazing Abstract Horse Artworks

If you’re a horse lover, you’ve spent your entire life around horses. Not just the animals themselves, but their image too. We become to accustomed to their shape, their form and their contours, that we can see their shape in almost anything. Take a look at these 10 incredible works of abstract art:   Image […]

10 Things Only Horse People Understand

There are some things that you just won’t really understand unless you’re a true horse person. To other people, they might seem small, insignificant and unforgettable. But to people who live their life to be around horses, they are the exact opposite. We’ve put together a list of 10 things you’ll only every truly understand […]

10 of the Most Beautiful Artistic Horse Photos

We all love the contours and shapes of a horse’s body. There’s something in the weight of their muscles that makes a horse impressive. There’s something in their eyes and their faces that show an emotional animal capable of far more than the average person gives them credit for. Below are some of the most […]

Retired Military Funeral Horse Looks for New Home

Quincy, a beautiful 11 year old quarter horse, was highly trained for a very specific role in the US military. It was his job to pull the coffins of deceased soldiers.  There was no rider, Quincy, along with another horse, were trained to pull the coffin alone. The horses that performed this task were part […]

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