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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building An Office

Not making an impression Clients will visit your offices, you want their first experience of you to be memorable. Your office should be striking and impressive in its facade. Forgetting natural light Natural light is a great way of opening up your internal space. Never underestimate its importance and never rely on electrical lighting only. […]

5 tips for making an inspiration office space

Chalkboard spray paint. Sounds kind of like tartan paint, doesn’t it? But this is actually a real thing – spray any surface with some chalkboard paint, let it dry and that’s it. You can know draw on it like a regular chalkboard. You can turn any wall in the office into a space for new […]

10 Offices of the Famous and Successful

  Al Gore, with an enormous pile of documents covering his desk. The desk of Albert Einstein, who famously suggested that an empty desk reflected a blank mind. Painter Jackson Pollock in his workspace. Barack Obama in his community office before entering politics. Martin Luther King Jr in an office full of books. Chef & […]

Ten of the Most Impressive Public Buildings in the World

1. The Beehive, New Zealand. The executive wing of the New Zealand government are housed in this impressive building, which echoes Aztec towers and Roman colosseums. 2. The National Museum of African American History. Three stories of this confronting building are above ground – another three are below ground. The dark, rusty exterior echo the […]

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