1. Shenzen Bao’am China.

A long, tube-shaped airport that looks similar to a plane itself. The buildings white, hexagonal motif reappears all over the building, often as glass windows that let in an abundance of natural light.

Futuristic Chinese airport

2. Spaceport America.

An airport of a different kind, this building will be the first airport to send tourists into space. The low-rise building echoes its desert surroundings, a humble beginning for a cosmic journey.

American Spaceport

3. Old Hong Kong Airport, China.

This incredible airport was centred right in the middle of a busy city, so planes had to navigate amongst the sky scrapers to land.

It made for some pretty amazing photographs.

Old Hong Kong Airport, amidst buildings

4. Madeira Airport, Portugal.

This incredible landing strip rises out of the ocean on concrete posts. Built into the coastline, this airport is unlike any other.

Airport landing strip on coast

5. London Britannia Airport.

A proposed airport to be built on an artificial island in the Thames. The airport would have cost 47 billion pounds to build, and will likely never come to exist.

Futuristic London airport

6. Princess Juliana Airport, Sint Maarten.

This airport is famous for the low altitude aeroplanes that pass right over the nearby beach. It has become quite the tourist attraction to stand on the beach as enormous commercial airliners scream overhead.


Juliana airport, extremely close to beach

7. Queen Alia International, Jordan.

Built from bubble-like dome roofing and extensive concrete interiors, this stark airport is unforgivingly functional, but also strangely beautiful.

Bubble-like airport roof design Details of Queen Alia Airport

8. Hong Kong International Airport.

This airport is breath-taking when seen from above – it covers an entire island & looks almost like a small city.

Airport taking up entire island

9. Gisborne Airport, NZ.

An airport with train tracks running right across the runway. The aeroplanes time their landings to avoid hitting passing trains.

Train and plane on Gisborne airport

10. Lyon-St Exupery Airport, France.

A double for amazing buildings, the airport has a futuristic circular terminal, and the famous ‘swooping bird’ building. Undeniably unforgettable.

Famous French airport by Calatrava

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