1. FPT University, Vietnam.

An incredible building that is as much plant as it is stone, this university almost looks like it’s been taken over by trees.
The balconies are designed to give light to plants which will eventually grow into the building.

Actual photo of amazing university green building

The building as it is today.

Amazing tree university building

How the building will look in later years

2. Sydney University Business School.

Designed by the controversial architect Frank Gehry, this building is affectionately nicknamed the ‘Crumpled Paper Bag’. The building characteristically plays with form and expectation.
Facade of the crumpled paper bag building Exterior of Sydney Uni famous building

3. The United States Airforce Academy.

The building itself is reminiscent of the functional, streamlined airplanes the cadets learn to fly inside and the repeating pattern calls to mind entire fleets and the collective force of the US Airforce.
Long shot of the exterior of amazing us airforce building The airforce university building that looks like airplanes

4. The Library of the University of Mexico.

This incredible building is fascinating to anyone who sees it. Decorated in intricate, native designs, the building is an art piece that connects its inhabitants to their history.
Close details of the facade of mexico uni library Amazing external details of the uni of mexico library

5. Tokyo Mode Gakuen Building.

Nicknamed ‘The Giant Cacoon’ for obvious reasons, this building was the winner of a contest that asked for building designs that were not rectangular.
Exterior detail of tokyo cocoon like building Beautiful tokyo university building

6. The New School, New York.

Balancing the requirements of modern architecture with the class of Manhattan, this building manages to be new yet sophisticated. Digital-inspired, but respectful of its context.
Exterior of digital inspired new york university Close up of external detail of new york building

7. School of art, design and media, Singapore.

This environmentally-friendly building reduces its footprint in more ways than one, blending into its surround and encouraging people to make use of the green space it offers.
Exterior long shot of grass covered university building in Singapore

8. Art museum, University of Minnesota.

Another twisted wreckage by Frank Gehry, this museum is as disjointed and incoherent as the collection of artefacts housed inside.
Close up of strange metal exterior of Gehry building

9. The entire campus of the Colorado Boulder University.

Nestled into the mountain ranges of Colorado, this beautiful campus has a coherence that makes it feel like one big village.
Gorgeous mountain university campus Amazing mountain university campus with historical buildings

10. Cambridge University’s Faculty of History.

A masterwork of modernism, the sleek, factory-like design of this building makes it one of the best examples of modern, minimalist architecture.
Modernist university buildingFuturist university building

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