1. 1. Branded Drizabone vests will be given to clients who submit payment for a Farmabuild project with a total kit price over $50,000. This figure does not include the cost of installation, concreting costs, or any other incidental costs.
  2. 2. Only Farmabuild clients are eligible to receive the vest. This usually includes clients who are building farm-related buildings, but is at the discretion of Central Steel Build.
  3. 3. Clients who qualify will receive a Drizabone vest adorned with the Central Steel Build logo. The details of the garment, including the style, are at the discretion of Central Steel Build.
  4. 4. The garment will be sent at a time that is convenient for Central Steel Build.
  5. 5. Central Steel Build re-sellers are eligible to receive the vest, but may only claim once. They cannot claim on behalf of other clients.
  6. 6. The promotion is limited to one vest per client. You cannot claim more than once.
  7. 7. The promotion with run until March 2018. Vests cannot be claimed for projects build or ordered before the 13th of September 2017.