1.The Black Stallion.

Best Horse films - the Black Stallion
This classic, epic film follow a shipwrecked man and a wild stallion that he befriends and eventually races when the two are rescued.

Based on a child’s novel of the same name, most of the scenes were filmed using a champion Arabian named Cass Ole.

2. Hildago.

Best horse films - Hildago
A story about a cowboy distance rider racing his mustang against purebred Arabian horses.

Although there has been some controversy about how factual the finer points of the plot are, the film is nevertheless a classic Hollywood action film about a man who has a real bond with his horse.

3. War Horse.

Films about horses - Warhorse
Directed by Steven Spielberg and adapted from a novel, War Horse follows the story of a young man who finds, tames and befriends a horse until they are unwillingly parted. The story then follows the horse as it travels through the war, meeting and leaving an impression on everyone it meets.

The film is long, though, at 2 and a half hours, so that’s something to keep in mind before your commit yourself. The story was also told through a stage play that was well received.


4. Seabiscuit.

Films about horses - Seabiscuit
This film centres on the actual racehorse named Seasbiscuit, an undersized thoroughbred that was never expected to have any success in racing.

The story captured the heart of the world during the Great Depression, when stories of underdog success were something the people needed. Decades later, the story remains inspiring, and has become one of the most famous equestrian films ever created.

5. The Horse Whisperer

The Horse Whisperer Film
Directed by and starring the ultimate Hollywood star Robert Redford, this is another timeless classic.

Redford plays the part of a horse trainer with an uncanny ability to understand horses. He is called in to help a teenager (played by Scarlett Johansson) and her horse get back to riding fitness after they suffer a tragic accident.

6. Spirit

Animated horse film with Matt Damon
An animated film starring Matt Damon as a wild mustang, the story is all about a horse that cannot be contained.

Although defying the human’s attempts to break him, Spirit is still willing to develop a close friendship with the humans he cares about most.


7. The Silver Brumby.

The Silver Brumby, and Australian film
Filmed in Victoria, Australia and starring Russel Crowe, the film tells the story of Australia’s wild brumbies.

When released overseas, the film was renamed The Silver Stallion, as it was believed international audiences wouldn’t recognise the term ‘brumby.’

8. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.

Best Horse films - Wild hearts cant be broken
A film unlike any other on the list, the story follows a woman who rider diving horses; horse that run up large platforms and jump off them into water. Diving horses were a popular attraction in the 1930s.

The film is based on a memoir by the rider depicted in the film. She lost her eyesight after a riding injury, but continued to ride while blind.

9. Secretariat.

Best horse films Secreteriat
A Disney film about the life and experiences of the thoroughbred racehorse Secretariat. The film’s cast is largely made up of unknown actors and actresses, but the film was very successful on its release.

10. Flicka.

Based on the classic children’s novel My Friend Flicka, the story had been transformed into a film in 1943, and also into a 39 episode television series in the fifties.

The story has always resonated with young readers and viewers and is one of the original, classic equestrian stories.

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