On Power

  1. You can’t be afraid of the power. You need to use it.

Charlotte Dujardin in casual attire with her horse

On Confidence

  1. I went in there and I thought – you know what, I can do this.

Charlotte Dujardin with her olympic medal

 On Bravery

  1. You have to be brave as a rider. You have to see how far you can go.

Charlotte Dujardin speaking to audience

On Discipline

  1. Every transition you ride at home has to be a good one.

Charlotte Dujardin teaching

On Training

  1. If you make a mistake, you’ve got to correct it straight away, not leave it until you’re half-way around the arena.

Charlotte Dujardin gets a kiss on the cheek

On Family.

  1. I get fan mail every day and people telling me how I’ve inspired them to pick up riding – I think oh, poor husbands!

Charlotte Dujardin saluting

On Persistence.

  1. You keep going, don’t you. You always want to do better.

Charlotte Dujardin at awards ceremony

On Learning

  1. You always learn small things from each person, just by watching. Everybody does everything slightly different.

Charlotte Dujardin after winning

On hard work

  1. It’s all hard work and there’s no getting away with anything, I can promise you.

Charlotte Dujardin congratulates her horse

On horses.

  1. Every horse is different. I love getting to work out a horse, its personality, the way it thinks, its sensitivity, everything!

Charlotte Dujardin thanks her fans

On understanding a horse.

  1. Trying to figure out a horse is like a puzzle – bit by bit you build it up and its so rewarding when you get to that top level.

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