We spend a huge portion of our lives in office buildings. But how often do we notice what they are like and what they could be like?
Below are some of the world’s greatest office buildings.
Aldar HQ
The Aldar HQ, United Arab Emirates.
canada, petroleum
‘The Bow’ – A Canadian office tower built by a petroleum company.
chrysler building
The Chrysler building, New York.
gazproim, moscow
An office tower built in Moscow for a petroleum company. The owner plans on tearing this down and replacing it with a flame shaped building.
hearst building, ny
The Hearst Building, in New York – a leader in environmentally friendly building.
shipping group in france like a sail
The offices of a shipping company in France, made to look like a ship moving through water.
the shard london
‘The Shard’ is the tallest building in the UK.
The Gherkin
‘The Gherkin’ is a notorious office building in London.
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