Different breeds of horses are bred for different uses, some for agricultural work, some for riding and some are bred simply for extreme speed. A fast horse can come from any breed, however certain breeds of horse have the ability to produce consistently powerful and fast animals with a determination to run hard. Here are the nine most lightening fast horse breeds in the world.


This horse breed is known for its ability in racing mid-length distances. The thoroughbred horse has an athletic build which contributes to their overall speed. They also have a hot blooded temperament which makes them suited for racing and they are extremely competitive.

Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse(REFON)-cleaned.jpg

For sprinting speeds the Quarter Horse is the fastest breed in the world. Some horses from this breed have exceeded speeds of 55 miles per hour and above over a quarter mile distance.



The Arabian horse is best known for their excellence in endurance racing. When racing distances of over 50 miles or more there is a high chance that the Arabian will win the race despite their slower pace in comparison to some other breeds.


Meaulnes du Corta.jpg

This is the breed of horse which is suited to trotting and harness racing. They have speed and power from their shoulders and hindquarters. Although they are smaller than the average horse their legs are solid and refined.


Appaloosa stallion.JPG

The Appaloosa is known for the interesting and coloured spotted coat it has. It is also one of the fastest breeds of horses currently. The breed has a history of being used for a war horse or for hunting by the Native and First Nations tribes in America. This assisted in the refining of the breed into a strong and durable animal.


The Andalusian breed is known as the Pure Spanish Horse. The breed is intelligent, strongly built and have beautiful manes and tails which contribute to a handsome appearance. They are known for their stamina and athleticism rather than just complete speed. Due to this they are used in sports such as dressage and show jumping.

American Miniature Horse

This breed is thought to have been developed for mining purposes in the 19th Century, giving it a form of strength that is not found in other miniature breeds. The refined variation of the breed tends to be faster than other variations of this horse.



The horse with the beautiful coat is what this breed is best known for. The Akhal-Teke horse has a metallic sheen in its coat which gives the allusion of gold. They are a lanky and slim build, however they are still strong despite their delicate features. This breed is one of the most durable in the world and do extremely well in long distance events.

Black Forest


The Black Forest breed is rare today with a striking appearance of a darker coat and a light mane. They are a strong riding horse and do well at obtaining speed in carriage discipline. When working in teams they are some of the fastest horses in the world.