What to look forward to in Australian aviation this year

In 2020, the Australian aviation market suffered major restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we embark on a new year with COVID-19 still present, forecasts for Australian aviation are difficult to determine. However, resilience to unexpected changes in the industry are manifesting and things are looking up for Australian aviation in 2021.

Lessening international borders and travel restrictions

International borders and travel restrictions have affected aviation globally through 2020. With the COVID-19 vaccine rolling out in 2021 in some countries, international travel is more likely to be on the cards for Australians again. As our government adjusts regulations according to the ‘new normal’ we will see a new age of how we fly to be COVID-safe and practical.

Showing a positive spirit Qantas is looking forward to developments on improved testing capabilities which have the potential to resolve the issue of travellers needing to quarantine and trigger travel bubbles opening between certain countries. All airlines are looking forward to travel bubbles being put in place and with it an increase in the prospect for international travel.

Sorting out internal borders

Within Australia inter-state borders continue to open and close depending on the state of the virus across the country. This causes significant issues with local airlines’ schedules but hopefully, with the virus under better control, internal hard borders will become less prevalent. When borders are opened across the country a return of 70-80% air capacity travel is expected. These percentages are realistic as only roughly 10% of domestic flights are used by foreign visitors, with 90% being used by Australian travellers.

Watch how Rex flies

Rex has introduced a new inter capital jet service from Sydney to Melbourne on March 1, 2021. The airline is now selling tickets online and if the launch is successful, will start to fly from Sydney to Brisbane soon after. All those in the aviation industry know the perils and risks of the path Rex is taking, however, with considerable years of experience the airline is likely to succeed. How Rex flies in 2021 will be an interesting premonition for the future of domestic aviation in Australia.

Regional flying increasing

Working with internal border restrictions, domestic airlines are experimenting with new routes to allow for regional flying to increase. Qantas is rolling out several new domestic destinations this year, encroaching on routes that Rex has long enjoyed reign over. Lesser known airlines are also embarking on similar inventive journeys this year, and although they don’t grab headlines they help stimulate demand and keep planes and crews in the air. Such response to business restriction in the industry is contributing to a wider atmosphere of network adventurism of which is continuing into 2021.

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Information credits: pwc.com.au, simpleflying.com