It is a well known fact that horses are extremely intelligent and feeling animals, especially to those of us that have a true love for all horses. However this horse surpasses most other’s smartness amazingly! He is a chestnut Thoroughbred gelding owned by Karn Murdock of Walnut, Canada.

Lukas originally a racehorse however he did not excel on the track. Unfortunately like many failed racehorses, he was mistreated once his owners found him to not have the makings of a racing champion. The gelding ended up starving in someones backyard but luckily he was rescued and Murdock purchased him when he was nine years old.

Murdock purchased Lukas as a ‘project horse’ but it wasn’t long before she realised this horse was unusually intelligent in a variety of ways! Since his rescue he has become one of the top liberty performers in Canada. He has attracted world-wide fame due to his amazing abilities. He also holds a Guinness World Record Title for “the most numbers correctly identified by a horse in one minute”, which he achieved on 16th of June 2010.

If you want to see some videos of Lukas’s brilliance click the link below which shows several different clips of him in performance!

These Videos of the World’s Smartest Horse Will Blow Your Mind