Japanese racehorse Buchiko has developed a huge following with fans all over the world – but not because of how she’s been performing as a racehorse. Her popularity comes down to her unique and rare coat.
Buchikos Heritage-03Buchikos Heritage-02

                Buchiko has an interesting heritage: her father is American hall-of-famer Sunday Silence and her mother is the completely-white Shiryukihime (which means snow white). Despite both horses having had successful racing careers, it’s their offspring’s coat that is drawing attention worldwide.

Buchikos Heritage-04

Bushiko’s dam – Shirayukihime

Buchikos Heritage-05

Buchiko’s Sire – Sunday Silence

‘Buchiko’ is a Japanese name that means ‘dappled child’ – a reference to the patterns that have made her famous. The spotted coat that has inspired so much adoration is a rare genetic result of her parents. When Buchiko races, she is recorded as a ‘white’ horse but her gaining popular suggestions she much more than that.Buchikos Heritage-01