Most of Victoria and some of New South Wales are seeing a very good season this winter, however unfortunately in other areas of New South Wales and South Queensland the drought rages on not giving the farmers much of a chance this winter. If you are thinking of making hay and wondering whether what is best to harvest this season, wheat or grain we have found an amazingly valuable resource to assist all farmers across the country.

Feed Central is currently the largest online feed platform in Australia and the developer of the only nationally recognized system for hay quality assessment. Feed Central works with 10,000 active buyers and 8,000 sellers across the country each year. The people of this organisation are experts when it comes to talking growing and selling grain and hay. Below is a link to a comprehensive document that Feed Central has put together that describes everything you need to know for growing, buying and selling hay this year. Check it out in the link below, we recommend this document highly if you are wanting a profitable hay season!