1. Sheep at a second farm in North-West Victoria have died of anthrax, following similar occurrences on a Swan Hill farm. It has not yet spread to humans.


2. The majority of new farming debt is going towards expanding existing farms, sparking concerns that young farmers will find it difficult to break into the market.


3. Indoor farming is becoming increasing possible, with LED lighting costs dropping by 90 per cent and doubling their lifespan.


4. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that by the end of this financial year, Australian farm production will hit a record gross value of $63.8 billion.


5. Glencore Grain hosted a three day tour for a Japanese liquor company looking to improve commercial relations with Australian grain exporters.


6. Entrepreneur-billionaire Elon Musk has said that he would consider building a 100 megawatt solar electricity farm in South Australia in 100 days, prompting the SA Premier and Prime Minister to scramble to accept the offer.


7. A Chinese company has claimed they are soon to purchase Australia’s biggest avocado farm for $192 million. The farm itself, however, has refuted the claims, saying they are still arrange sale and are still considering Australian buyers.


8. Leftover brewer’s grain used by major beer manufacturers is being fed to cows to increase milk productivity, also saving dairy farmers money.


9. More than 87% of Queensland is officially in drought, with warnings that circumstances are likely to worsen before being alleviated.


10. A series of Australian-style butchers are gaining popularity in China, with four shops already open & 16 more in planning. The stores import and sell 100 tonnes of Australian beef a month.