There is something especially beautiful and unique about your own private indoor riding arena. It’s a space to explore your passion of riding that you are able to tweak with a splash of your personal design taste, making it truly your own. Each private indoor is different according to the owner’s needs and choices.
See below the top 10 private indoor arenas that Central Steel Build has constructed.

This curved roof private arena has a gorgeous view of surrounding farmlands, with a horizon laced with mountains. a picturesque sight to look out on while riding inside.

An indoor arena with a beautiful symmetrical strip of garden lining its sides, giving it a more English traditional setting. Perfect for practicing dressage and show riding in.

This boutique open sided riding arena is enclosed by greenery, giving a woodland kind of atmosphere to the rider.


This indoor arena is accompanied by an impressive adjoined stables and tack room, making riding even more convenient in bad weather.

Nestled among the forest clad mountains resides this open sided private arena looking as pretty as a picture.

She looks like she is enjoying riding in her indoor arena, which is still open enough to embrace the outdoors and nature surrounding it.

This indoor dressage arena sports an impressive wooden clad kickrail system to not only ensure the safety of both rider and horse, but to also look good whilst doing this.

The curved roof lined with strips of skylights allows a generous amount of natural light filter through onto the arena’s floor. This design along with the open sides allows for a more outdoors riding experience than other indoor arenas.

The beautifully timber clad and decorated stable and tack rooms adjoined to the indoor arena gives this equestrian complex a classy air whilst practically serving it’s original purpose.