Having multiple vehicles can prove a problem when trying to find space to house them all safely undercover, thus a vehicle storage shed is the answer to this problem. We have high levels of expertise in building industrial sized vehicle sheds and large farm vehicle sheds. To get an idea of what your car storage shed could cost, see the estimates below and look at some of our past similar jobs.

The average cost to build a vehicle storage shed in Australia is $83,706.43 for a shed the size of 37m x 18m.
Smaller vehicle sheds estimate to cost $26,400 – $35,000. This cost is for a shed size of 25m x 10m.
Larger vehicle sheds usually cost around $440,000, with the shed being roughly 100m x 74m.

Past Projects 

Client Feedback

“It’s been terrific, I’m really happy with the building and overall the process went quite well.”