Dreaming of Horses and Their Meanings

So many of us, especially those who love horses find that we dream of them often. Women statistically dream of horses more than men and a horse in a dream is generally a positive symbol of either power, endurance or freedom. Have you ever wondered what your dreams of horses represent?

Brown Horses in Your Dreams

brown horse, beautiful horse, horse with blue eyes

Brown or bay horses are generally a symbol of strength, change occurring in your life and shedding our issues or problems.

White or Grey Horses in Your Dreams

bay horse, white horse, beautiful horse

White or grey horses are seen as a good omen. They represent purity, peace and a good fortune. Dreaming of a white horse can also indicate happy connections with others and feeling at peace with your life.

Black Horses in Your Dreams

black horse, wild horse, handsome horse, beautiful horse

Even though white horses mean positive, this does not mean that black horses mean negative things in dreams. Black horses in dreams often represent mystery, secrets and moving forward from negative things in your life.

Wild Horses in Your Dreams

wild horses, running horses, beautiful horses

Dreaming of wild horses can mean the urge for creativity, freedom and adventure in your life.

Stabled Horses in Your Dreams

horse in stables, stabled horse, girl with horse

Having dreams of stabled horses is usually a sign of feeling constrained by others, or restricted and repressed. It can also be associated with communication with others, power over someone and can often indicate hidden agendas.

Dreams of Riding a Horse

riding horse in sunset, girl riding a horse, horse riding

Riding a horse in your dreams symbolises being in a position of power which is not necessarily a bad thing. However it can also mean that you have been manipulative or lacking integrity in your pursuit of success in life.

Dreams of Falling Off of a Horse

riding a horse, falling off a horse, falling, horse

Dreaming of falling off a horse can suggest that you have lost control of your life and need to get back on track. It also can mean that you have come to a point of unfamiliar territory in your life.

Dreams of Being a Horse

miniature grey horse, miniature horse, beautiful horse

Dreaming that you are a horse is a beautiful thing that a lot of us who love riding have experienced. This dream can indicate a strong need to connect to your inner self and instincts. The feeling you have whilst being the horse in your dream also influences the meaning of the dream.


Information credits: theultimateequestrian.com