Have you ever wondered, half way through a dressage test, why they chose the particular letters that are used in a dressage arena?
The numbers seem random, but they aren’t.

Who Chose The Dressage Letters?

The dressage letters came to be in the German courts. The royal stables would have its horses prepared for members of the court and royalty to ride.

So each horse was ready for its rider, they were taken to a designated spot. That way, the King (or Kaiser) could come in, knowing that his horse would be ready at his letter ( K ).

The letters and their known corresponding roles were:
K = Kaiser
E = Edeling/Ehrengast (Guest of Honour)
H = Hofsmarshall
M = Meier (Steward)
B = Bannertrager (Standard Bearer)
F = Furst/Prince
P = Pferdknecht/Ostler
V = Vassal
S = Schzkanzler (Chancellor of Exchequer)
R = Ritter (Knight)
Other letters may have represented other roles, or they may have been chosen at random to fill in extra spaces when dressage was developed as a discipline.

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