1. It protects you from the weather.

This is, of course, the number one reason for building an indoor arena. People who have unlimited access to indoor arenas ride more than 30% more frequently that those who don’t.
If you’re serious about a career in competitive riding, an indoor is an excellent investment.

2. It allows you to run a business.

Owning an indoor arena means you can give lessons in it. You can also rent out the arena when you aren’t using it.

3. It’s safer and more comfortable for your horses.

An indoor will protect your surface once you lay it down and will ensure that your horses are riding on level, comfortable ground.

4. It adds value to your property.

An indoor arena boosts the value of the property its on, particularly if the property is in an area known for its equestrianism.
If you ever look at selling your property, an indoor will be a big pulling factor and will drive your value upwards.

5. It reduces your costs.

Not needing to travel to an indoor for practise saves travel costs and rental costs. The protection of the arena means that your equipment stays safe and you surface needs to be repaired less often.

6. You can ride after dark.

Many indoors are fitted with lighting, allowing you to ride after dark or even before dawn (one of the great pleasures in life).

7. The experience of it.

There’s something very satisfying about designing, building and owning your own indoor. For equestrians, there no greater space than their own indoor and many find that it’s a space the entire family loves and enjoys.

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