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Project value 


On-site build time  

Two weeks

Project collaborators 

Installation crew

Tekcon Group 

Burwood Heights Primary School


Burwood Heights Primary School is a public school and kindergarten located in Burwood East, Victoria. The school's vision is to prepare their students to become life-long learners. 

The brief 

The principal of Burwood Heights contacted us with the vision of an aesthetically pleasing ball court cover that would compliment the existing school layout and architecture. The cover needed to be functional and safe, leaving obstacle-free room for runoff around the court. 

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Our scope and build details 

    • Structural steel drawings.
    • Engineering certification and computations.
    • Structural concrete engineering including raft slab design for office. 
    • 3D structural/shop steel drawings. 
    • Fabricated hot dipped galvanised steel package. 
    • Roof purlins and cladding.
    • Building permit. 
    • Above ground storm water.
    • Bird caps. 
    • Eave overhang. 
    • Service location and spoils removal.
    • Builiding installation. 
Burwood Primary ball court cover
Burwood Heights court cover

Challenges and solutions 

Several site challenges were identified during the design process of the ball court cover. Ground fall across the court adjusted the design and proposed footing locations were changed due to underground services running underneath the site. 

To keep the court cover obstacle-free and safe, all bracing was kept above 3m. The building was installed during school holidays to help minimise disruption within the school and to keep students safe from construction site hazards. 

Burwood Primary basketball court cover