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 Advanced dairy farm building design can future-proof your farm and set you up for generations. Learn more.

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Feature case study

Powercor industrial depot 2_gallery

The building needed to have a 50m clear span width to accommodate servicing inside as well as a fire isolation section and a truck wash.

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Feature article

Dawn McKenzie indoor dressage arena 3_gallery

Benefits of installing an arena cover

For equestrian enthusiasts, trainers, and horse owners alike, an indoor arena represents a major asset. This article highlights the benefits of having an indoor equestrian space.

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Latest case study

Perry Demolition combined office and warehouse 5_gallery

Combined office and warehouse 

Perry Demolition's requirements were for a new premises that included a stylish reception area with a double-storey void, a unique façade, and angled canopies, including a deck. 

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Aqua walker covers

Creating spaces | Enhancing lives

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Protect exercise equipment with a bespoke cover

A Central Equinabuild aqua walker cover is the perfect companion to your walker so that you maximise the available time you can use the walker during extreme or inclement weather thus maximising your investment.


The space

Aqua walkers have become an essential addition to the range of everyday exercise equipment used by leading trainers. Central Equinabuild’s aqua walker covers maximise walking time, so you won’t have to interrupt training during inclement weather.

Each Aqua walker cover is purpose-built and value-engineered to suit your specific needs. That means we can cover your existing walker, or if you’re having a new one built, we’ll work with your preferred provider to install it beforehand.

Aqua walker cover

Shed options to suit your needs

To truly customise your project, a considered range of product options are available. Talk through these options with our equinabuild specialists for the perfect result.

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Harkaway Road indoor arena drawing


Strong partnerships with equestrian industry experts

A strong, stunning building is really just the start, and what goes inside it is just as important as the outside. Our years of experience in this trade has meant that we have developed close-knit relationships with many other companies in this industry that perfectly complement the work we do.  

"Excellent shed. Faultless design and workmanship”
Equinabuild Client
Aqua walker cover
Aqua walker cover
Aqua walker cover

Recent equinabuild project case study

Our client is the owner of Four Legs Therapy and Rehabilitation and is a successful Australian Stock Horse breeder known as Hardal Performance Horses. After investing in a new equestrian property at Labertouche in West Gippsland, Victoria she needed a new indoor arena and stable complex.

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Labertouche equestrian complex


2 min read

How much does it cost to build an indoor arena?

The costs involved in building an indoor riding arena

We are often asked what is the cost to build an indoor arena....

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Cost to build a large shed

This guide provides a useful outline of the types of large sheds available and the average cost to build. It includes...

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Everything you need to know about building horse stables

As a horse owner, your priority is to provide a secure and comfortable dwelling for your equine companions. Building...

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