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Case Studies 

Our industry knowledge comes from decades speaking to and working with our valued clients. Since 1975, we’ve built up real industry knowledge across the commercial, industrial, equestrian, agricultural, aviation, recreational and custom industries.

We are genuine people with real industry knowledge from a business with a history you can trust. Our consultants tailor their expertise to your project so that you get a value-engineered building that matches your needs. View examples of our Case Studies below.

commercial shed

CPH Group 

"There were three core reasons we decided to partner with CSB on this job - 1. Trust, 2. Quote within 24 hours (that was very impressive if they can do that) 3. Good pricing." - Tristan Hornsey 

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Laurel Views  

"I cannot express enough our complete satisfaction in your work. We are pretty fussy and believe me, we looked for something to criticise. A year later we haven't found anything" - Tracy Baumgardner

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Kane Transport  

"I was so impressed with the work done by Central Steel Build that I have engaged them to build an agricultural shed on my private farm.” - Paul Kane 

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ball court cover

St Johns Regional College 

“Central Steel Build delivered an excellent product. Their ability to work safely in a live, busy school environment during the construction phase was appreciated and we’re very pleased with the result." - Tim Hogan 

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precast shed

Trans Air & Electrics

"The quality of construction and overall finish were a highlight. The installer was great and made the whole job easy. Also came under budget. I would not hesitate to build with Central again." - Steve Bobin

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helicopter hangar

Powercor Hangar 

"What I appreciate about working with Central is not only that the installers supplied are generally fantastic, but that if there is ever an issue with material Central stays involved with the project and reacts quickly to resolve issues." - Chris McGregor 

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industrial shed

Western Region Waste and Recycling

"I would build with CSB again. They delivered the building when they said they would which was critical, I was on a tight time frame. It was a pain free process with a fixed quote, speedy build and the best part was they sent me a bottle of Gin for Christmas!” - John Fawcett 

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frestall dairy barn

Vinnicombe freestall dairy barn 

"The reason we went with CSB: we asked for an upfront quote, they were very genuine. They came to us and said we can do ‘this and this’ making any modifications until we knew exactly where we stood." - Dehne Vinnicombe 

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Powercor, Kyneton 

"CSB offered a high quality product and assisted during design development to achieve the client’s design objectives at the most economical cost." - Steve Beshara

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custom house

Doswell custom house 

"Our project presented a number of unique challenges. The team at Central Steel Build made the process simple and seamless, displaying endless patience and impressive attention to detail." - Colin Doswell 

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Inbox Group 

"Central were very easy to deal with right through the design phase and engineering. We certainly would build with Central again, we had no problems. The actual shed build went really smooth" - Garth Joyce 

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