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Echuca Fertilizers grain shed

Project value 

$400k - $600k

On-site build time  

Five weeks

Building dimensions

45m x 21m x 9m high

Echuca fertilisers 


Echuca fertilisers are a well-known and trusted supplier to the agricultural grain and fertilizer market in Echuca and surrounding areas. 

The brief 

Echuca fertilisers needed a new storage facility custom designed and engineered to hold multiple types of grain and fertilizer. They required the building to be designed for ease of unloading and loading their product and to have specialised sliding doors. 

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Our scope and build details 

  • Structural steel drawings, engineering certification.
  • Engineering computations.
  • Structural concrete engineering including raft slab design and concrete precast design.
  • 3D structural/shop steel drawings.
  • Fabricated hot dipped galvanised steel package.
  • Purlins and girts.
Echuca Fertilizers shed drawings

Challenges and solutions

Close attention and collaboration were required in the design phase to ensure the building would accommodate all the different products our client wished to store. The final design was engineered for six individual precast bins, each for different grain and fertiliser. Each bin had its own access sliding door for ease of loading and unloading. The sliding doors were designed to accommodate unloading trucks with their bins still partially in the air. 

Echuca Fertilizers grain storage shed
Echuca Fertilizers farm grain shed