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Professionally designed dairy barns built for success. Advanced dairy farm building design can future-proof your farm and set you up for generations. Learn more.

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Feature case study

Serafin Ag Pro combined showroom and workshop 2_gallery

The structure was divided into several purpose-built spaces including retail services and display, offices, amenities, equipment services, and spare parts sales. 

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Feature article

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How to bring down the cost of your farm shed

Rising costs demand for cost-effective solutions. In this article, we've listed down practical options to achieve cost-efficiency without compromising the quality of your building.

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Latest case study

Leader industrial warehouse 3_gallery

NMGS industrial warehouse 

The new warehouse needed to fit in with the existing infrastructure onsite and feature 10m eave heights to increase vertical storage capacity. 

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Building beautiful, life-changing horse arenas

Since 1975, our Equinabuild team has been dedicated to creating custom equestrian buildings to enhance your riding experience - we share your passion. Our dressage arena team has decades of experience in equestrian building. Your Indoor Riding Arena awaits.




Essential for safety and super stylish. Protect your horses and also protect yourself. Our custom-built steel framework is installed, ready for kickboard cladding to be fitted by your preferred supplier.

Why install a kick rail system?

Basically the rail forces your horse away from the arena wall. The bottom of the kick rail is installed away from the wall and runs on a back slope up to the top rail, this deters your horse from riding right up against it. In turn, it ensures your legs will be protected. Equinarail also allows your grooming equipment to get closer to the kick board without getting snagged against poles or beams. Equinarail can only be installed into new Equinabuilds.

Kickrail system

Troy Adams indoor dressage arena 2

Projects gallery

When it comes down to it, your structure is a new space for you to live your life. It’s a space for your passions and we do everything we can to build a structure that enhances your life.

Take a look at what we’ve created for our 100% happy clients.

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Case studies

We are genuine people with real industry knowledge from a business with a history you can trust. Our consultants tailor their expertise to your project so that you get value-engineered buildings that suits your needs.

Check out our Case Studies portfolio.

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