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Project value 

$500K - $600K
(supplied & delivered only,
this does not include install)

On-site build time 

Eight weeks (our scope)

Project collaborators 

Dairy designer:
JGM Dairy Design,
Florida USA

Installer via client

Dehne Vinnicombe freestall barn 


Dehne Vinnicombe, fourth-generation farmer from Vinnicombe dairy.

The brief 

Our client Dehne was changing the way he currently farmed, expanding his dairy operation which included setting up a freestall barn to hold eight hundred cows and associated infrastructure. The building itself was designed and drawn by JGM Dairy Design based in Florida USA. This meant we needed to liaise with the client and JGM, to deliver both the bays and frame type for the most economical solution. A ventilation ridge was included in the design to encourage airflow. Improved efficiencies concerning resources and dairy operations were an obvious motivator for the new build along with a significant reduction of feed waste as a result of feeding in the cover.

This is the first dairy barn Dehne has been directly involved in.

Our scope and build details 

  • Structural steel drawings, engineering certification and computations.
  • 3D structural/steel drawings.
  • Fabricated steel package.
  • Hot dipped galvanised purlins and girts.
  • External steel cladding (roof).
  • Raised ridge ventilation cap.
Vinnicombe freestall barn

Challenges and solutions 

Our team investigated post options including both clear span and internal, deciding to opt for clear span design to allow for greater ease for the team installing the feed lane fit out.

For the ventilation ridge design, we took a collaborative approach working alongside JGM Dairy Design.

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Client testimonial

"The designs were from America...we took them to Central Steel Build because it was not just a normal shed. After showing them our plans, nothing was too big of a drama. CSB went well beyond their means to help us out. The biggest thing we found out when we were looking was that sheds aren’t just sheds! They have extra support in them and all those kinds of things and it’s just not all about the price in the end.

The reason we went with CSB: we asked for an upfront quote, they were very genuine. They came to us and said we can do ‘this and this’ making any modifications that we needed until we knew exactly where we stood. Their delivery date was smack on time without a doubt and we were very happy with that. They were just absolutely brilliant to deal with, whenever we asked for [whatever] it was always delivered and our consultant Cameron looked after us very well. Cam was absolutely unreal.”

- Dehne Vinnicombe, freestall dairy barn client 

dairy shed cad drawings
Vinnicombe freestall dairy barn