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Project value 


On-site build time  

Five weeks

Project collaborators 

Advantage Design Draft 

Project completed 

September 2018 

Doswell custom house  


Colin Doswell partnered with Central Steel Build as the homeowner.

The brief 

Our client approached us with a conceptualized idea to build a custom house that would appear as a series of pods. He wanted the structures to be built as simple and economical as possible and to include two matching outbuildings.

Our scope and build details 

  • Structural steel.
  • Klip Lok roof and wall cladding.
  • Engineering for steel. 
  • Engineering for slab.
  • Engineering for foundations.

Challenges and solutions 

To achieve the client's architecture requirements, we custom designed the building by creating links between the different pods, allowing for multiple floor levels and designing the steelwork around a custom chimney. We also engineered the steelwork to accommodate the stone-faced fibre cement wall cladding. 

A forty-five degree roof pitch was specified by the client for aesthetic effect which was incorporated into our steelwork design. 

As the site location was at high risk of bushfires, our building was designed to the BAL40 standard which will protect the building from catching on fire in the presence of windborne embers and small secondary fires.  

Colin Doswell shed house
Doswell custom house drawings

Client testimonial

"Our project presented a number of unique challenges. The team at Central Steel Build made the process simple and seamless, displaying endless patience, impressive attention to detail, and timely and prompt responses. I have already recommended them to a number of colleagues and contacts."

- Colin Doswell, home owner 

C Doswell shed house
Doswell house