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Project value 

$550k - $600k

On-site build time

Seven weeks

Building dimensions 

48m x 24m x 20m

Project collaborators

Civil Test

Foresight Engineering

D&R Henderson production facility  


D&R Henderson is an independent manufacturer of softwood timber, particleboard and melamine laminated products located at Benalla, Victoria. 

The brief 

The company contacted us to design and construct a building to house their new bulk production equipment. The industrial shed needed to be custom designed around equipment functionality and able to house bulk product prior to processing. 

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Our scope and build details 

  • Structural steel drawings, engineering certification and computations.
  • Structural concrete engineering including slab, footings, and precast.
  • Skylights.
  • Cantilever canopy.
  • 3D structural/shop steel drawings.
  • Roller shutters.
  • Fabricated hot dipped galvanised steel package.
  • Purlins, girts and cladding. 
  • Sliding doors and personal access doors.
  • Sisalation & roof safety mesh.
D and R Henderson production building

Challenges and solutions 

We worked with D&R Henderson to design the production section around their new equipment, this meant the industrial shed needed a 20m clearance height. We also needed to design four bays of the shed to accommodate bulk material 2m up the sides of the walls. 

The new processing equipment needed to be installed before the building was complete. We allowed for this by proposing a staged installation process that enabled placement of their equipment. 

D and R Henderson industrial production facility
D and R Henderson industrial production shed