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Project value 

$100k - 150k

On-site build time  

Sixteen weeks

Project collaborators 

KVA Design 

Provincial Geothecnical 


MKM Constructions

Harley City Collection  


Harley City Collection is a unique business that specialises in the collection and display of classic, vintage cars and motorcycles.

The brief 

Our client approached us with the idea of a new warehouse styled space to store his motorcycles and cars. The building needed to be big enough to store all of Harley City's vehicles whilst looking good and being secure. An office and showroom were required as a part of the build. 

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Our scope and build details 

    • Structural steel drawings.
    • Engineering certification.
    • Structural concrete engineering. 
    • Skylights.
    • Engineering computations.
    • 3D structural/shop steel drawings. 
    • Fabricated hot dipped galvanised steel package.
    • Purlins and girts. 
Harley City Collection warehouse drawings
Harley City Collection warehouse

Challenges and solutions 

Originally our client had decided to project manage the build as owner builder. After looking into the requirements of being an owner builder he opted for a turnkey solution from a commercial builder. We recommended several of our trusted commercial builders and our client chose to go ahead with MKM Constructions. 

MKM Constructions completed the project including civil works, permits and internal fit-out. 

Harley City Collection industrial warehouse