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Project value 

$180k per hangar

On-site build time  

Fifteen weeks

Building dimensions 

Three of 20m x 21m x 6m

Project collaborators 

Caddick Design

Riddells Creek Airfield hangars  


Our client works as an Aircraft Technician and spends his spare time as a recreational pilot keeping his airplanes at Riddells Creek Airfield. He has a specific interest in antique aircraft, owning a Boeing Stearman Biplane and a North American Harvard.

The brief 

Our client required three identical 20m x 21m x 6m hangars in a row to be designed and constructed on the airfield for three different tenants, including himself. We liaised with the other tenants to ensure the design met their needs.  

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Our scope and build details 

    • Structural steel drawings.
    • Engineering certification.
    • Engineering computations. 
    • Aircraft hangar Sliding doors with continuous concealed ground guides and external outriggers. 
    • 3D structural/shop steel drawings. 
    • Fabricated hot dipped galvanised steel package.
    • Purlins and girts. 
    • External cladding, flashings and gutters.
Riddles Creek aviation hangars

Challenges and solutions 

To achieve an easy planning process, we recommended a trusted private planning organisation to look after the planning permit for the building. 

To bird-proof the hangars keeping the aircraft secure and safe, we installed a 100mm wide flat flashing on the top of the doors. This simple solution stopped birds from flying into the hangars. 

Riddells Creek hangars

Client testimonial 

"These aviation hangars are the best of their kind on the market with the benefit of hot dipped galvanised steel and a superior value engineered framing system. What you get is engineered and precision built with years of aviation experience. The hangars allow so much convenience and undoubtedly enhance the flying experience.”

- Jace Harrison, recreational pilot

Riddells Creek hangar drawings