1. Stork’s Nest Arena.

Exterior of storks nest horse riding arena Interior of storks nest horse riding arena
This arena is as beautiful inside as it is outside. Built and operating in the Czech republic, the exterior of this building is unforgettable.

2. Paris Barracks Indoor Arena.

Beautiful interior architecture of paris barracks
Built at about the same time as the Eiffel tower, this indoor arena is used to exercise military horses & is a timeless solace of Paris.

3. Bolsover horse arena.

Hidden indoor horse arena underground Exterior of castle with hidden indoor horse arena
This seemingly humble riding arena becomes a little fancier when you learn that its located inside of a castle, on top of a hill in England.

4. Spanish Riding School, Vienna.

Details of the spanish school interior horse riding arena Interior of the prestigious Viennese Spanish school
Perhaps the most elegant and beautiful indoor arena in the entire world, this is a traditional riding school built in 1729. It’s an absolute treasure and rarity.


5. Woodinville, Washington State.

Washington property with horse arena and home in woods Hidden home with horse riding arena tucked away in forest
This gorgeous, secluded home and outdoor riding arena are nestled into the forests of Woodinville, hiding away from the world.

6. Grosbois à Boissy-Saint-Léger arena.

Amazing interior of high ceiling indoor horse riding arena
Built into a 17th century French castle, this arena is remarkable – mixing modern construction methods with traditional materials to create a space any rider would spend the rest of their life in.

7. Reitarena Stubei

Modernist exterior of horse riding arena Large sloping interior wooden roof horse arena
This Austrian indoor is unique because it breaks from the traditionalism of most other riding arenas. The stark, simple building and the sloping roof are decidedly modern.


8. Grand Central Farm Arena.

Gorgeous laminated wood look
An amazing indoor arena upstate New York, the laminated woodwork looks unbelievable, giving the roofing a grandeur and elegance that is completely unique.

9. The Cliffs Equestrian Centre.

Stables of incredibly beautiful building Traditional cottage with enormous horse riding arena inside
An amazing forest getaway with some of the most impressive barns and stables in the world. This place focuses on trail riding and ultra luxurious country living.

10. The Equestrian Centre, Portugal.

High ceiling horse riding arena interior in Portugal Amazing interior of Portugal horse riding complex Exterior of beautiful equestrian complex
An incredible centre, full of bold, modern architecture and heavy on the wooden detailing. Certainly something we’d all love to spend some time riding in.


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