A Sustainable Core Delivers
Sustainable Outcomes.

Here at Central Steel Build, we have incorporated sustainable and eco-friendly practices throughout the entire company. For these plans to be ultimately effective, we start implementation from concept, and follow the pattern to completion. It’s us, and the way we work.

1. Designing Sustainably

A sustainable design requires careful thought, planning and knowledge, and lays the framework for sustainable manufacture and construction. This stage is where factors such as material efficiency, energy efficiency, recycling, flexibility and lifespan are all prime considerations of our designers and engineers.

2. Material Efficiency

Sourcing and using well chosen, high quality materials on our projects results in less natural resource, transport, emission and energy usage. Winding the clock forward, proper material quality and usage gives the building a long, healthy life-span, and won’t require re-building or high maintenance.

3. Closed Recycling Loop

Of all the earth’s natural resources, steel is the only material with a truly closed recycling loop. Steel as a material is not consumed, but is used over and over again without any loss of strength or quality.

4. Responsible Sourcing

The materials we use are sourced from leading Australian suppliers who take active steps to reduce steel production emissions, and with a defined environmental commitment.

5. LEAN Manufacturing  Processes

We have thoroughly examined every step in the manufacturing process, and implemented enviro friendly practices throughout. All staff have undertaken LEAN manufacturing training, and are encouraged to make further suggestions for continual improvement. The results of LEAN principles are reduced waste, energy usage, emissions, health hazards, and embracing a cleaner, safer, smarter and better work environment.

6. Sustainable Construction

LEAN practices are implemented throughout to increase efficiencies and reduce waste.
Prefabrication: Structural elements are prefabricated on-site, which means proper procedures are followed, best use of facilities and equipment, accurate and quality workmanship, and a safer working environment. It also cuts back on logistics, reduces construction time, and minimalises pollution.
Waste: 3D CAD modeling program is used to produce elements for manufacture, producing high quality results while generating almost no wastage. Any wastage on or off-site is recycled.

7. Energy Efficiency

We are big on energy conservation, both in the design of our buildings and our actual workplace practices. Our buildings are designed for maximum efficiency with the use of smart ventilation techniques, natural lighting, and insulation measures. We can also incorporate further measures such as the allowance for solar panels to increase sustainability. Internally, the staff work together in implementing and practicing various conservation procedures including automatic light sensors, regulated heating and cooling, and maximising the use of natural light.

“We understand that the effect of following our plan with commitment will amass over time to create an extensive, positive environmental impact. We hope that our eco-efficient policies will influence the wider community in view of furthering sustainable practices.”

- Ross Edmonds, Director