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Professionally designed dairy barns built for success. Advanced dairy farm building design can future-proof your farm and set you up for generations. Learn more.

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The structure was divided into several purpose-built spaces including retail services and display, offices, amenities, equipment services, and spare parts sales. 

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How to bring down the cost of your farm shed

Rising costs demand for cost-effective solutions. In this article, we've listed down practical options to achieve cost-efficiency without compromising the quality of your building.

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NMGS industrial warehouse 

The new warehouse needed to fit in with the existing infrastructure onsite and feature 10m eave heights to increase vertical storage capacity. 

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Bonnie View Ag hay shed

Project overview

David and Lyn came to us through one of our resellers needing a new hay shed on their beef farm at Winchelsea South. They wanted the building to be partially open but to offer enough coverage from the weather to keep their hay safe and secure.  

Project Value: 

  • $220K*

Building dimensions:

  • 56m x 30m x 6m

On-site build time:

  • 3 weeks

Job site location:

  • Winchelsea South, Victoria

Our scope and build details:

  • 3D structural model. 
  • Fabricated hot-dipped galvanised steel package. 
  • Purlins and girts. 
  • Roof and wall cladding. 
  • Guttering and downpipes.  

Project collaborators: 

  • Civil group
  • Third-party installer 
  • Reseller: Matt Partridge

*All prices are an indication only and are subject to change at any time due to steel prices. Prices also do not include site preparation or installation costs.  

David and Lyn Parish hay shed
David and Lyn Parish hay barn shed
David and Lyn Parish agricultural shed
David and Lyn Parish hay shed
David and Lyn Parish barn shed
David and Lyn Parish hay stack
David and Lyn Parish hay shed CAD drawing

Challenges and solutions

We designed the hay shed with a single cladded wall facing to the west where most of the prevailing weather would hit the shed. Having this wall enclosed allowed us to keep the rest of the walls open without compromising shelter from the weather.  

“This is the second shed that we’ve built with Central Steel Build. We’ve found them great to get along with and work out the supply of the materials. We had our own contractor put the sheds up. They worked alongside him and sorted out any issues and everything went smoothly.”
Lyn Parish
Bonnie View Ag, owner

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