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Capability Statement

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With a solution-focused approach, we collaborate closely with clients and consultant teams to align on scope, time frames, design objectives, and cost. Are you interested in our work in the commercial and industrial sectors?

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Feature case study

Scone Regional Livestock Selling Centre saleyard cover 1_gallery

To ensure an accurate fit and functionality, the saleyards cover must precisely match the leveling contours. We conducted a thorough site scan and carefully measured the existing yards to align perfectly with the natural topography.

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Feature article
Portland Aluminium & Glass combined office and manufacturing building 16_tile

Top Advantages of Using Clear Span Sheds

We understand the importance of enhanced versatility in your structures. Our clearspan sheds are designed to cater to numerous applications, making them the perfect choice for various needs. 

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Latest case study
Amy Slayter indoor dressage arena 16_tile

Slayter Equestrian Facility

Our client approached us with a vision for her dream equestrian facility, a bespoke indoor dressage arena and stable complex designed to accommodate her own horses and appeal to high-end clientele. 

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Robyn Boyle combined indoor dressage arena and stable complex

Project overview

Robyn owns a picturesque property in Scone, NSW and is a dedicated dressage rider and trainer. Teaching in an open arena was negatively affecting her business as she had to cancel lessons whenever weather was unfavourable. Calculating a significant loss of approximately 30% of her average income due to these cancellations, Robyn recognised the need for her to invest in an indoor arena.

She approached Central Steel Build with a unique vision for a combined indoor dressage arena and stable complex, emphasising a shallow roof gradient to harmonise with existing property infrastructure and to be designed around horse and rider safety. 

Project value combined: 

  • $457K*

Building dimensions:

  • Indoor dressage arena: 62m x 27m x 5.5m 
  • Stable complex: 36m x 15m

On-site build time:

  • 3 weeks

Project collaborators: 

  • Structural engineer
  • Third-party installer
  • Killahy Equine

Our scope and build details:

  • 3D structural model
  • Fabricated hot dipped galvanised steel package
  • Purlins and girts
  • Roof and wall cladding
  • Guttering and downpipe system
  • Equinarail kickrail system
  • Roof eaves
  • Roof safety mesh and insulation
Job site location:
  • Scone, New South Wales

*All prices are an indication only and are subject to change at any time due to steel prices. Prices also do not include site preparation or installation costs.  

Robyn Boyle combined indoor arena and stable complex
Robyn Boyle equestrian facility
Robyn Boyle combined indoor arena and stable complex
Robyn Boyle combined indoor arena and stable complex
Robyn Boyle equestrian facility
Robyn Boyle indoor dressage arena and stable complex
Robyn Boyle combined indoor arena and stable complex
Robyn Boyle stable complex
Robyn Boyle combined indoor arena and stable complex

Project success and impact:

We maintained close collaboration with Robyn throughout the design phase to ensure that the equestrian complex would fully address her business and safety requirements. The incorporation of a curved roofline was our solution to achieving an unobtrusive roof design. Additionally, we coordinated with Killahy Equine, the stable fit-out provider, to ensure seamless integration of our building with the fit-out, and designed the stables with perforated corrugated walls to increase ventilation.

“I cannot heap enough praise on Central Steel Build for the quality of our arena and stable complex construction. No big project is without a few hiccups, these were ironed out to our complete satisfaction in a timely manner. Before having the facility I was losing approximately 30% of my average income from cancelling lessons due to inclement weather. Now I can train and teach all year round no matter what is going on outside.”
Robyn Boyle
Dressage Rider and Trainer

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