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Our team of aviation building specialists help you soar by working with you every step of the way to better understand your aviation building needs. We offer a range of extras from mezzanine floors for extra storage space, ventilation, seamless sliding door solutions, and a whole lot more.

Central Aviation hangars provide the perfect storage for your helicopters or planes. We can help you design an aircraft hangar with provisions for living areas, offices, amenities, workshops and additional cover – all precision built to suit your aircraft depending on your requirements.

All plane, helicopter & shared tenant hangars are fully engineered and designed to withstand the strong winds of an open airfield.

At Central Aviation we are just like you, we cross check everything.

C. V. Ferroff. M. Sc. Avn., MRAeS.


“I have found their advice, workmanship and attention to detail to be of the very best standard."

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