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The structure was divided into several purpose-built spaces including retail services and display, offices, amenities, equipment services, and spare parts sales. 

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How to bring down the cost of your farm shed

Rising costs demand for cost-effective solutions. In this article, we've listed down practical options to achieve cost-efficiency without compromising the quality of your building.

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NMGS industrial warehouse 

The new warehouse needed to fit in with the existing infrastructure onsite and feature 10m eave heights to increase vertical storage capacity. 

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How to bring down the cost of your farm shed

How to bring down the cost of your farm shed

Investing in a quality agricultural shed is crucial for farmers, whether it’s providing storage or a workspace. Rising costs prompt the need for cost-effective solutions so that your machinery isn’t left in the weather, so you can have flexibility with fodder storage at various times of the year, so you can work with livestock undercover through all seasons. 

In this guide, we'll explore practical options for achieving cost-efficiency without compromising the quality and functionality of your farm shed.  

Setting up your farm shed for the future 

You may be tempted to go for a painted shed or a pre-galvanised steel frame shed to decrease the initial outlay of money, but these options tend to provide less effective corrosion protection resulting in costly maintenance in the future.   

A fully hot-dipped galvanised steel frame will last more than 50 years (unless in extreme circumstances) providing the best corrosion resistance in the market and resulting in the lowest lifetime steel cost for the shed owner.   

24363 Mark Bender – machinery shed

It’s also worth considering the provision for the future installation of canopies or width extensions of your shed. Without proper engineering and design consideration upfront, these extensions can become more expensive, or near impossible. If you think there’s a possibility of extending down the track, it’s important to let us know so we can cater to this in the initial design and save you those future costs and challenges. 

Consider planning 5+ years from now. Do you have plans to purchase large machinery in the future? Is your harvest yield likely to increase in better years? Or can you make your shed more multipurpose to cater to other farm activities? Might you change from round bales or small squares to large square bales in the future? A large farm shed is a significant piece of infrastructure and the more you think about how you’ll potentially use your shed in the future, the more value you’ll get from the lifetime of your investment. Here is a list of our shed options.

Purpose-built to your needs

The very first step in building the right farm shed for you starts by determining how you want to use the space so that we can help you custom-design a structure that meets your individual needs.

The height, bay width, span, and the addition of a lean-to or canopy, will all be determined by your purpose for the space. Consider the plant, machinery, equipment, agricultural supplies, livestock, or fodder you plan to have coming in and out of the space as well as any vehicles that might be transporting these.

Our experienced agricultural consultants have plenty of experience so can provide many ideas to help you create the perfect design for your needs. 


Prioritising aspect and accessibility  

Consider orientation on your site to ensure the best protection from weather and take advantage of summer or winter sun. Consider good access for livestock, machinery, and vehicles. Ensure openings can accommodate the largest machinery or equipment needed to enter and exit the building. Open bays, large sliding doors, and roller shutters are popular options.  

A header truss, a truss or beam fitted between multiple bays, can eliminate the need for columns in the middle, creating a clear span area.

Torren Sergi packing shed 9_tile


Selecting the ideal roof design 

The roof of your building must effectively protect your assets from the elements, including rain, prevailing winds, snow, and intense sunshine. There are also times when we want to take advantage of the winter sun.

For large farm sheds, a gable roof is the most economical design as it allows a clear span of up to large distances of 70m+. A cantilever canopy or a lean-to is a cost-effective option to gain extra storage space and weather protection with a relatively low cost per square meter. There are certain bay sizes and spans that are more efficient than others. For example, it is more cost-efficient to build a 21m span shed with a 9m cantilever canopy, than it is to build a 30m span shed. Cladding aprons and gable infills are good options for improved weather protection.


David and Lyn Parish bulk storage shed 1_tile

Skylights are ideal for introducing additional natural filtered light, especially in bigger sheds that don’t have open bays. Choosing the right type of skylight will limit the need for artificial lighting and cut down heat transfer.

Egerton Farms shearing shed 14_tile-1


Consult with professionals and industry specialists

We understand that no two projects are the same, and your agricultural structure should be an asset that provides a complete solution, designed for your farm and specific needs.  We also have many contacts in the industry we can recommend and work with to ensure you get the right fit-out, whether that be setting up your stockyard or fitting out your shearing shed or dairy barn.

With 50+ years of experience, our team is composed of agricultural shed specialists who can help and guide you to achieve a cost-effective solution that will set you up for decades to come. 

For a free consultation and discussion on your upcoming custom farm shed project, contact our agricultural shed specialists and take advantage of our obligation-free quotation.  

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