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Professionally designed dairy barns built for success. Advanced dairy farm building design can future-proof your farm and set you up for generations. Learn more.

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Feature case study

Serafin Ag Pro combined showroom and workshop 2_gallery

The structure was divided into several purpose-built spaces including retail services and display, offices, amenities, equipment services, and spare parts sales. 

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Feature article

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How to bring down the cost of your farm shed

Rising costs demand for cost-effective solutions. In this article, we've listed down practical options to achieve cost-efficiency without compromising the quality of your building.

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Latest case study

Leader industrial warehouse 3_gallery

NMGS industrial warehouse 

The new warehouse needed to fit in with the existing infrastructure onsite and feature 10m eave heights to increase vertical storage capacity. 

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Building partnerships, sharing expertise

Build with specialist engineers who are expert at design and production, who build value-engineered large commercial sheds. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you want, and precisely what you need.


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Projects gallery

When it comes down to it, your structure is a new space for you to live your life. It’s a space for your passions and we do everything we can to build a structure that enhances your life.

Take a look at what we’ve created for our 100% happy clients.

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Case studies

We are genuine people with real industry knowledge from a business with a history you can trust. Our consultants tailor their expertise to your project so that you get value-engineered buildings that suits your needs.

Check out our Case Studies portfolio.

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The design build advantage



Introducing Pro.

We are proud to have established the Pro. Initiative – a refined building approach that centres around greater communication, collaboration and partnerships within the building and construction industry.

What is Pro.?

Pro. is a collaborative building project delivery model (CBPDM) – developed by Central after we acknowledged a gap in the market for a smarter way to share, work and partner with like-minded commercial builders, owner builders and developers early on in the process of a project.

How does it work?

With foundations based on the design-build practice, we exclusively advanced (and rigorously tested) this method, then tweaked refinements to truly embrace how specialist stakeholders come together at the beginning of projects.

The Pro. approach is a first, by opening the opportunity to form a non-formal trusted partnership to be included in initial project scope, a true advantage to help you win a project or partner to explore the best solutions faster.

But like all professionals, Pro. is flexible and can engage at any point during a project. But for most effectiveness and truly benefit the Pro. affect, the earlier the better.

Ultimately Pro. allows for well considered, developed steel packages on key projects that results in a faster, more nimble, highly streamlined process. It’s an advanced way of working.


We are proud to have established the Pro. We are all about people and spaces, one doesn’t exist without the other. As a company, Central Steel Build really does pride itself on building genuine relationships with compatible builders within the Industry. These mutual partnerships are highly valued and thrive. Pro. was specifically established to further deeper authentic partnerships with:

Commercial Builders + Pro.

We connect with commercial builders throughout Australia, developing ‘design’ build projects and long lasting associations. Working in conjunction with your preferred contractors, we can also provide project-specific expertise for the structural component of your projects.

Owner Builders+ Pro.

We work with you, and your specific suppliers as you manage your project. Our industry expertise and experience will help you maximise the results you get from your entire team. Decades of knowledge allow us to offer value engineering that will save you time and increase your project efficiency.

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