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Project overview


$1M - $1.1M


13 weeks


KVA Design 


Provincial Geothechnical 


Fire engineer 

Lift supplier 

CPH Group 


CPH Group, supply solutions for the digital print industry located in Corio Victoria.

The brief 

The owner builder reached out to Central Steel via referral, commissioning us to design and construct a new office + warehouse to suit the size of the pre-purchased industrial block. The street presence was extremely important with emphasis to accommodate the architectural cladding already earmarked.

The various entry/exit points and general flow of traffic on the site was crucial, whilst placing of canopies and doors required much consideration to comply
with council and fire service requirements.

The office building is 40m x 13m (double story) and the warehouse is 77.5m x 57.9m x 7.5m (4487m2). Our scope of the project was completed in December 2019. 

Our scope + build details 

  • Structural steel drawings, engineering certificate and computations
  • Structural concrete engineering including raft slab design for office
  • 3D structural steel drawings
  • Fabricated steel package HDG
  • Purlins and girts
  • External steel cladding (roof & wall)
  • Industrial roller shutters
  • 920w industrial fire egress compliant access doors
  • Guttering & above ground rainwater systems
  • Roof insulation
  • Skylights
  • Customised office mezzanine floor
  • Parapet walls for office & front of warehouse
  • Architectural bulkheads for office
  • Structural glazing support beams
  • Attached office complex packages including steel & roof
  • Lift void support steelwork
  • Cantilever canopy
commercial office building

Challenges + solutions 

Close collaboration with a fire engineer was essential due to the size of the building (vol m3). Some economical fire wall framing was added to meet requirements. A lift supplier was consulted to ensured a seamless steel package
was included in the office mezzanine floor frame, to accommodate a future lift installation.

The colour scheme needed careful thought, a splash of modern hues of vertical/horizontal wall cladding became a feature. The office required well-concealed internal box gutters/rainheads. Plus 6, 900mm dia rota roof vents were included to comply with airflow requirements.

industrial warehouse

Client testimonial

"There were three core reasons we decided to partner with CSB on this job - 1. Trust, 2. Quote within 24 hours (that was very impressive if they can do that) 3. Good pricing.
I wanted them to look after the job being a business owner not a builder as such. The partnership was really great. We were not the easiest customer being a first time owner builder, there was a bit of learning on my side and they helped me through that experience particularly assisting me with other sub-trades and contacts needed.
The best thing CSB did was take our vision/design, and value engineer it to work. They made it very easy for us and the sub-trades to work out the ‘meccano’ together. The facade and windows all came together seamlessly, amazing how fast the structure went up!
Central was a pleasure to work with, all points of contact were so helpful. I’d absolutely would build with them again.”

- Tristan Hornsey, owner builder

commercial building cad drawing
commercial shed