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Project overview


December 2021


Killahy Equine

C4 Architects 

Independent installer




36m x 24m x 5.5m high

Harrington Park stables  


CSB worked on this Equinabuild project through Killahy Equine, a reseller who specialises in turnkey equestrian buildings. 

The brief 

Killahy Equine supplied us with architectural elevation drawings to quote a custom stable complex in Harrington Park, NSW. Killahy designed the building with C4 Architects.

Our scope and build details 

    • Structural steel drawings, engineering certification and computations.
    • 3D structural/shop steel drawings. 
    • Fabricated hot dipped galvanised steel package – client painted the steel after it was erected. 
    • Wall purlins.
    • All metal roof and wall cladding, including perforated cladding. 
    • Framing to suit clients timber cladding. 
Harrington Park stables drawings
Harrington Park stables

Challenges and solutions

The end client's expectations of the project were to achieve a bespoke, custom facility to attract new clients to use the space. As the building was designed with timber girts instead of steel, we had to ensure this was taken into account throughout the quoting and engineering process.

We engineered the project to accommodate timber girts, while Killahy supplied them to be installed. This project is the first we have worked on with timber girts in over 30 years. 

stable barn